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Amazon Easy Store Franchise In the last few years, the market of online shopping has become very popular. People get the goods of their choice sitting at home through these online websites. Shopping websites benefit a lot from this. But now this online website not only wants to expand its business online but also wants to double its income by starting it offline.

Yes, we are talking about Amazon, this website has decided to open its own easy store. This means that now any person can open an easy store in his own city by associating with Amazon. Due to which the company as well as the people opening the stores will also benefit. This store will be called Amazon Easy Store, for this the beneficiary will have to register. Read this article completely to know how you can do this business.

Amazon easy store in india – How to start Amazon easy store?- In today’s time, the trend of online business has increased a lot. Right from the beginning, we get the goods we need from our online website. In today’s time, Amazon is the biggest e-commerce company in the world and Amazon has won the trust of people for online shopping. You too can join Amazon by joining Amazon Easy Store Franchise. You can start a business, complete information about which you will get to read in this article.

Amazon, which till now was available only online, is now going to enter the offline market also. If you also want to start your Amazon Easy Store Franchise business by joining Amazon, then its You can get the information through this article, in this we will explain all the information to you in detail. amazon easy store franchise in india 

What is Amazon Easy Store

Amazon Easy Store is a program that enables e-commerce businesses to provide online shopping assistance to their customers. The initiative aims to help customers begin their journey in e-commerce. Where with the branding of Amazon Easy, the store owners increase the customer base in their stores. Which explains the purpose of what is Amazon Easy Store.   

With Amazon Easy Store customers can get products delivered to their doorstep. This assisted online shopping platform enables customers to shop for various products from different categories such as fashion items, daily staples and electronics.

Function of Amazon Easy Store

What is Amazon easy program? The biggest task of Amazon is to identify the needs of its customers and bring them the best products through Amazon Easy Store. For those people who do not know how to do online shopping, they can do so with the help of computer. They will be shown online products which are available on Amazon’s website, after which they will place an order for any of those items and will have to complete their order by bringing that item to the Amazon Easy Store.

Amazon Easy Store has only one objective to connect all the customers whether it is online or offline, their work is the same. Those who know how to shop online can go to the website and shop and those who do not have knowledge of online shopping can go offline. You can do shopping by going to Amazon Easy Store.

The function of Amazon Easy Store is to provide customers with their favorite products in their own city, that too by placing orders offline. Actually, in this, customers will come to your store, there you will show them online products with the help of computer which are available in Amazon’s website. After this, when they place an order for any of those goods. So you will have to order that item and give it to them.

It can be understood in this way that till now people used to buy goods by placing orders on its online website. But now you can buy it by ordering from Amazon’s store. Amazon’s objective behind setting up this type of business module is to help people who have a habit of going to the market to buy goods. Therefore, Amazon has set a target to open Amazon Easy stores in every city of the country.

Amazon Easy Store

Benefits of Amazon Easy Store?

Benefits of Amazon East Store Hindi- Today Amazon has become a very big brand, that now various small and big businessmen want to grow their business by associating with it. If you open Amazon Easy Store with Amazon, then it has many benefits like :-

  • Amazon is the biggest company in the world in which you will get a chance to work.
  • It does not require much land, you can work even in 200 square feet space.
  • You can sell whatever product is available on Amazon’s website.
  • There is no need to buy any inventory, whatever the product is, you have to show it on your laptop or LED screen and book the order for it and sell it.
  • This is a fixed price store and goods are sold at full price.
  • Amazon gives commission ranging from 1 to 12% on selling any product.

Eligibility or Requirement of Amazon Easy Store

  • In this you have to invest only Rs 3 lakh which is used for store setup. (amazon easy store franchise investment)
  • Your land should be on the ground floor.
  • Your land should be on road.
  • Your age should be between 20 to 45 years.
  • You must have passed 10th.
  • Most of the marketing is done in this business, hence a person should have all the knowledge about marketing.
  • You should have all the items for office setup.
  • Documents will also be required

How to apply for Amazon Easy Store Franchise ( How to apply for Amazon Easy Store Franchise)

  • To apply to open Amazon Easy Store Franchise, you have to go to Amazon’s official website.
  • From here you will see a button ‘Register Now’ in front, you have to click on it.
  • After this, some information will be asked from you in the next page, you will have to provide that information. However, this information will be some basic information only. This will be the application form to register in it.
  • After filling it, finally you have to click on the submit button and complete the registration process by submitting this registration form.
  • After filling the registration form, all the information will be verified by Amazon and after 3 days you will be contacted and given all the information related to opening the store.
Amazon Easy Store

Profit in Amazon Easy Store

Amazon Easy store profit- Now let us know how much profit we will get on the money we have invested. Amazon gives commission ranging from 1 to 12% on selling any product. Let us assume that on every product We get a commission of 8% (on average).

If 30 customers come to your Amazon store every day and they buy goods worth thousand rupees (on average), then your daily sales will be Rs. 30,000. If we take 8% out of this then it will be Rs. 2400. The daily (on average) earning is Rs. 72000 per month which will only be due to savings. If you make more sales then you can earn more. Apart from this, you can also earn money by delivering the goods ordered from Amazon. Complete information.

amazon easy store profit- Amazon often brings good deals for its store dealers in which the dealers are given some targets and if those targets are fulfilled then Amazon also gives some commission from its profit to the Amazon dealer.

Amazon Easy Store Franchise Contact Number

customer care service on 1800 3000 9009.

What is meant by Amazon Easy Store?

This is an Amazon shop in your own city where you can go and place an order for any product.

How to start Amazon Easy Store?

Register yourself by visiting the official website, after this you will get information about Amazon Easy Store there.

Which is the online website to open Amazon Easy Store?

How much will be the investment to open an Amazon Easy store?

There is no need to invest in this. However a security fee may be charged.

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