How To Create ABC Id And What is DigiLocker ABC ID 2024

After all How To Create ABC Id And What is DigiLocker ABC ID? Nowadays, words like Digital Banking and Fintech are heard a lot. Digital India is a mission for which our government is trying to make the country technologically empowered. ABC ID is a part of this digital mission. Let us know further how to create ABC ID?

As you know, Government of India has launched a certificate called Academic Bank of Credits (ABC ID card) system for the new National Education Policy 2020. A very important part of this process is the creation of ABC Profile system, which will help students in gaining academic flexibility, personality learning path and easy transfer of credit between education institutions.

The ABC Profile is a process built within the ABC Academic Bank of Credits (ABC) that gives students across the country the opportunity to design their own studies, easily transfer credits, and recognize past learning experiences. By creating an ABC Profile, students can determine their own study path, easily transfer credits from one institution to another, and access diverse learning opportunities.

In this way, ABC Profile empowers students, increases connectivity between educational institutions and helps in universal development of our education system. For complete information, you will have to read this article What is DigiLocker ABC ID completely.

What is DigiLocker ABC ID?

ABC ID means Academic Bank of Credits ID. This is a unique ID which is issued to every student so that he can track his academics and achievements.

In this ‘Bank’ means that it is a kind of digital repository where you can store all your educational documents. And ‘Credits’ means marks or grades. So in this you can save the credits i.e. marks/grades of all your subjects.

With this you can add your degrees, certificates etc. Then whenever you want to show it somewhere or transfer it, you can access it with this DigiLocker ID. According to me, this is a very successful initiative which everyone can take advantage of.

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How to create DigiLocker ABC ID?

Now let us know step by step how to create ABC ID.

1 How to create ABC ID in ABC Portal

Step 1: click on this ABC website ।

Step 2:  click on “My Account”, then  select “Student”

Step 3: New users 1, “Sign up for MeriPehchaan” 

Step 4: Enter your mobile number, on which you will get an OTP.

Step 5: Fill all the required details and click on “verify” click.

Step 6:After this you will get your ABC ID.

2# How to create ABC ID in DigiLocker Portal

Step 1: DigiLocker‘s website or .loginand create your account or Go to the app

Step 2: in Dashboard “Issued Documents” or “Government Issued” section “ABC ID Card” option।

Step 3: Click on “ABC ID Card” And fill your University and other details.

Step 4: Click on “Generate ABC ID” Do it. Your ABC ID card will be created.

Step 5: ABC ID card download and share

What are the benefits of creating a DigiLocker ABC ID Card?

Let us know about the benefits of making ABC ID Card.

  • In this, it allows students to do multiple entry, multiple exit.
  • In this, students can easily store their student credit and that too for at least 7 years.
  • In this, you can easily transfer your credit and that too from a single window once approval is received from the source and destination academic institution.
  • The best thing is that only verified academic institutions can upload credits in it.
  • This increases transparency and also helps in achieving a more flexible approach in curriculum design and development.
Create ABC-IDClick Here
Digi Locker Official WebsiteClick Here
Academic Bank of Credits (ABC) Official WebsiteClick Here

conclusion- How To Create ABC Id And What is ABC ID

So friends, I hope How To Create ABC Id And What is DigiLocker ABC ID 2024 . This is a very successful Digital India initiative where you can safely store and access your important documents in digital format. How To Create ABC Id

This saves both time and money and also increases transparency in governance. I suggest you also open your DigiLocker account and take advantage of it. If you have any confusion or question, you can ask by commenting specifically.

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