How to earn money from Mobikwik App 2024

If you want to know How to earn money from Mobikwik App , then this post is for you in which we will tell you what is Mobikwik App. I will give you complete information in detail from downloading to creating an account and earning money from it.

Mobikwik App is an Online Payment App in which you get facilities ranging from mobile recharge to bill payment, sending money to someone etc. Cashback is available on all payments through which you can earn some money. There is also facility to earn money by spinning and many other ways.

This Mobikwik App is completely Upi Transaction App in which you can make any payment by adding your bank account and it has the facility of Wallet. And you can also make payment through ATM card etc.

So if you want complete information about this Mobikwik App, then you need to read this post till the end. What is Mobikwik App And if you get complete detailed information about how to earn money from Mobikwik App, then let us first know about Mobikwik App.

Mobikwik App Review

main pointDescription
App NameMobikwik – UPI, Bills, PayLater
App Categorypayment app
App Size26 MB
App Reviewmore than 19 lakhs
Play Store Ratings4.3 (5 Star)
App Downloadmore than 5 crores
Download Linkdownload from playstore
ways to earn money3 ways
daily earnings500 to 1000 rupees
WithdrawalYou can use it by making any payment

What is Mobikwik App?

How to earn money from Mobikwik App

Mobikwik App Is an online payment app in which you can use UPI, Net Banking, ATM and Wallet. You get the facility to make any payment through mobile recharge, bill payment and money transfer and can earn money through cashback.

This Mobikwik App is completely like Paytm, Phone Pe, Google Pay App but it also has some additional features in which by activating the zip You can get instant cash of Rs 30 thousand, that too at 0 interest rate, which is a good facility for those people who need some money immediately.

Apart from this app, you can get cashback on all types of transactions and also facilities like earning money online, super cash by spinning Through which you can withdraw your pocket expenses or save some money by doing transactions, complete information of which will be given below.

How to download Mobikwik App?

Downloading Mobikwik App is very easy, you can download this app directly from Play Store and create an account in it and earn money from it. can earn

Let’s know How to download Mobikwik App

  • First of all open your Play Store
  • Now type Mobikwik App in the search bar and search.
  • Now this Mobikwik App will appear in front of you.
  • Now click on Install option
  • Due to which this Mobikwik App will start downloading and within some time it will be downloaded and installed on your mobile.
How to earn money from Mobikwik App

So in this way you can download Mobikwik App but if you want to get some cashback for downloading Mobikwik App then download this app from my referral link and you will get Rs 25.

How to create an account in Mobikwik App?

It is very easy to create an account in Mobikwik App for which you will need mobile number, email ID, Bank Account, ATM Card. Let us know how you can create an account in Mobikwik App.

Step 1. First of all, you have to download Mobikwik App from Play Store or my referral link and open it, where you will see some options like this.

Step 2 . Now you have to click on the Login/Sign Up option as you can see in the picture above.

Step 3. When you click on this Login/Sign Up option, you will see Mobile number If the option to enter appears then enter the mobile number here and click on the option of “Send Otp”.

Step 4. Now in the next step you have to verify the OTP which will be done automatically and your account will be created on Mobikwik App and you will also be logged in to this app.

How to earn money from Mobikwik App

Mobikwik App There are many ways to earn money in which you can earn money by making any payment (Mobile Recharge, Bill Pay, Money Transfer, Add Money). , Earning money by referral,,Earning money by spinning etc. You can earn money in Mobikwik App and through this You can also withdraw money from your bank.

So let us know how you can use these methods in Mobikwik App and how much money you can earn through these methods.

1. Earn money from Mobikwik App by making any payment

As I have already told you that Mobikwik App is completely a payment app through which you can make any online payment, for which you have to add your bank account to Mobikwik App and make payment through Upi, for which you get cashback money.

Here you will get different cashback for all the payments, in which you can get Rs 10 to Rs 50 on one payment, for which you will have to check the offers of Mobikwik App before making any payment and make the payment as per its terms, only then you will get the cash back. will receive

So let us know by which payments you can earn money from Mobikwik App.

  • By recharging mobile
  • Through Money Transfer
  • By paying the bill of gas, water, electricity etc.
  • By booking railway and plane tickets
  • By adding money in Mobikwik App
  • You can also earn money by making other payments

2. Earn money from Mobikwik App by spinning

In Mobikwik App, you get the option of Earning money by spinning for which you have to click on the offers option above, after which your A circle will appear in front, rotating it will give you money.

How much money you will get in this is given in this wheel. Wherever the wheel stops when you spin it, you get the reward which includes Earphones, Voucher, Cashback, Oops and Super Cash of Rs. 10 which you can win by spinning.

3. Earn money from Mobikwik App by referring

The referral program of Mobikwik App is very good in which you get Rs 75 for one referral, in this way you can earn unlimited money by making unlimited referrals to Mobikwik App.

How to earn money from Mobikwik App

For this, you have to create an account on Mobikwik App and complete KYC in it, then go to the option of Refer And Earn and get your referral link. You have to share it to more than 100,000 people and get people to join your referral link Mobikwik App.

Here, whoever downloads Mobikwik App from your referral link and creates an account, he will also get Rs 25 and you will get Rs 75 which you can use. By using Mobikwik App, you can earn money sitting at home.

Conclusion – How to earn money from Mobikwik App

In this way you would have understood better about Mobikwik App, what is Mobikwik App, how to download it and how to create an account in it and Mobikwik App Se Paise Kaise Kamaye Must have received complete information

I hope this information would have been useful for you in which you would have got complete information about Earning money from Mobikwik App. How did you like this information? Write in the comments and share this post to more people so that more people can read this post. Thanks

Can we earn money on Mobikwik app?

Yes, you can earn money on Mobikwik App, the complete method of which is given in this post

How to use Mobikwik App and earn money?

To use Mobikwik and earn money, you should read this post completely in which the entire process is explained.

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