How to earn money from NGO? Earned ₹15,000 per month

In this article we are going to know How to earn money from NGO?, in which you You can easily earn money by using money earning methods.

NGO is an organization whose main objective is to serve the society. Till now many such NGOs have been formed, which work for the upliftment of the society.

Recently many such rumors have been spread that NGO means doing wrong things or misusing the money received from the government.

But it is not so, you can earn good money without any fraud and without doing any wrong work. At present, apart from social service, NGO also works to provide employment.

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There are many ways to earn money from NGO, if you are thinking how to earn at home or how to earn then it can be a good thing for you.

You must have known from the title that in this article we will learn about NGOs in detail. Read this article completely to know the answer to How to earn money from NGO 2023.

What is NGO?

Full-Form Of NGO – Non-Government Organization

The short form or full form of NGO is Non-Government Organization. That means NGO is such an organization in which the government cannot interfere in any way.

This means that NGOs are non-governmental organizations. It is operated by many people. Whose objective is to uplift the society or serve the people.

One of their objectives is to serve other people without considering their own benefits. These are the objectives of social organizations such as: cleanliness at work, helping the elderly, providing employment to women. And the evil practices have to be ended.

NGO is completely independent from the government. They have complete freedom to work and collect donations. No government can take ownership of the donations received by them.

But the government itself also gives Donation to such institutions and also helps them financially. According to a report, the government gives several crores of rupees to such institutions every year.

In the beginning it was just a Non-Government organization, which only provided social service. But now along with social service it is also providing employment to many people. An educated person can earn Rs 15,000 per month by working in an NGO.

How does NGO work?

NGO is a group of many people. NGO does those works which the government cannot do. Like removing the evil practices against women, making people aware, educating children or raising voice against any injustice.

Some people from such organizations come forward and convey their views to the government. They try to solve the problem together themselves.

NGO does not look at its own benefit, it only helps others. E.g. You must have seen the film Chhapaak. In which an organization works against the sale of acid and provides employment to acid-affected women.

NGO people themselves go and listen to people’s problems and help them. How to register an NGO for the welfare of the society?An NGO can be registered after establishment, but it is not necessary. Registration is necessary because the government also helps registered NGOs.

According to a survey, there are about 3.2 million NGOs across India. All these NGOs work under the Central Societies Act. But NGOs of Rajasthan work under Rajasthan Societies Act.

What work does an NGO do?

NGO does all those works, which is necessary for the welfare of the society and to bring positive change in the society. In this way many tasks of NGO are done. Which is as follows-

  • tree planting
  • Cleanliness
  • conserve water conservation
  • reduce pollution
  • Assistance to people trapped in emergency or natural disaster
  • feed the poor
  • education to children
  • ban on child labor
  • housing for women
  • stop domestic violence
  • helping old people and orphans
  • helping backward people

How to start an NGO?

If you want to start your own NGO then you will have to decide the topic of social service of the NGO. On which you will work. Now select some such people. Who really want to serve the society.

After deciding its Mission, Vision and Objective, the NGO will have to get registered, How to register an NGO will be discussed below. If you want, you can distribute all the people in your group as president, secretary and advisors.

Keep in mind that all the members of your group should be social workers and responsible.

Documents required to start an NGO

To start an NGO you will need some documents. Finally, keep all the documents mentioned below ready.

  1. Trust Deed/Memorandum Of Association
  2. Registered Office Address Proof
  3. Articles Of Association Regulation
  4. Rules And Regulation/Memorandum
  5. Id Proof (Voter Id/ Aadhar Card)
  6. Passport (Mandatory)
  7. Affidavit From President
  8. Residence Proof

To receive donations, create a separate bank account of the NGO. In which people can donate to the NGO.

How to register NGO? (NGO Registration Process)

To start and register NGOs, three acts have been made, under which you can register your NGO.

Society Act– Most of the registrations are done in Maharashtra through this Act. For this, seven members and Memorandum of Association and Rules and Regulation Document are required in the organization.

Trust Act-Under this, two Trustees and Deed Document are required for registration. For registration you will have to apply to the Charity Commissioner or Registrar Office.

Companies Act-For registration under this, Memorandum And Articles Of Association And Regulation Document and 3 members will be required.

Which are the top NGOs of India?

There are some NGOs in India, which are known for their work. Name of NGO:

  • Smile Foundation
  • Helpage India
  • Give India Foundation
  • Nanhi Kali
  • Sammaan Foundation
  • Goonj
  • Sargam Sanstha
  • Being Human
  • Child Rights And You (Cry)

How to earn money from NGO?

You can earn money along with doing social service in NGO. One way to earn money from an NGO is that the source is the NGO’s funding and donation.

Let me tell you that there is no need to do wrongdoing or corruption to earn money from an NGO. You can also earn money in the right way. We will talk only about the right methods in this article.

With this you can earn money in two different ways. First, you can create your own NGO and after investing the donations received from it in social service, you can take the remaining money. But keep in mind that give priority to social service.

The second way is that you can get a job in any NGO (job in a social service organization). You can earn Rs 15,000 per month by working in an NGO. Let us know about them in detail.

1. By starting your own NGO

If you are really interested in social service then you can start your own NGO. To start your NGO, you have to choose any social service topic and get it registered. You can earn money by starting an NGO in the following ways.

Funding And Donation – The biggest source of collecting money for NGOs is Funding And Donations. Donations are given to such institutions by crores of people of India.

Some people also donate because they get some tax relief by donating. If your organization goes on the internet and becomes known for its work, then crores of people from all over the world come to join your NGO and get a lot of donations. In this way you can earn money from NGO.

Government Ads (Government Aid)- The Indian Government and the State Governments also give some money to such organizations for their work. The government provides financial assistance only to those NGOs which are registered.

The Social Welfare Ministry of the Indian Government makes a separate budget for them. This budget is different for each institution. The financial assistance received from the government depends on the work of the NGO.

Before providing financial assistance to any institution, the government inspects the institution and only after inspection, the budget is prepared for their financial assistance.

2. By taking job in NGO

Recently now NGO also provides employment to people. Many NGOs are still formed. You can also earn money by applying for job in NGO. Below we are going to tell about some NGOs. Where you can apply for jobs.

3. Do social service with SBI

SBI (State Bank of India) itself is a social service organization. Who helps people. If you want to work with SBI then you can apply for the job.

SBI gives a salary of Rs 15,000 per monthto the selected candidate. Apart from this he also provides you traveling allowance for travelling. So that you can go to every village and help people.

To serve the society, SBI has started Youth Fellowship Program. Whose main objective is the progress of the village.

4. Youth Fellowship Program

Youth Fellowship Program is a program whose main objective is social development and social responsibility. This is a 13 month program. In this, graduate and experienced young people are given an opportunity to work together.

In which you have to complete some small and big projects together. People are also given training to complete such work.

Benefits of joining Youth Fellowship Program

In this, the selected candidates are given a salary of Rs 15,000 per month. Apart from this, you are also given traveling allowance for travelling. According to the information, Rs 1000 per month is given as traveling allowance.

Along with this, medical insurance, and training expenses are also provided. After the completion of the program, Rs 30000/- is given as Readjustment Allowance.

Eligibility for Youth Fellowship Program

Some qualifications have been fixed to apply for a job in the Youth Fellowship Program. Only a candidate with all these qualifications can apply for the job.

  • He should be Indian. That means getting Indian citizenship.
  • The age of the applicant should be 21 to 32 years.
  • Educational Qualification: Graduation/PG/Diploma Course Or Professional

You can apply for a job in the Youth Fellowship Program by visiting its official website. If you are selected then you are called for interview. After the interview you are given complete information.

How to earn money in NGO In 2023

If you are how to get NGO Job then it can be beneficial for you because In NGO You can earn good income by doing a job. By doing NGO job, you will also be able to serve the society and you can also earn money.

If you want to earn money in an NGO, then for this you will have to do graduation and PG in Social Science after 12th. Only after that you can apply for a job in any NGO.

In today’s time, there are many colleges and universities, which provide NGO related studies.

Many NGOs sometimes open recruitment for posts like Volunteer and Management. For which he also gives advertisement in the newspaper. You can apply for jobs there. Your salary is decided on the basis of your course and experience.

If you have started your own NGO, then all its donations and funding are your responsibility. After all the work is done, you can use the remaining money.

Conclusion: How to earn money from NGO ?

 Today in this article we learned that  How to earn money from NGO and NGO All things related to have been understood in full detail. If you follow the rules and conditions mentioned by us then you can definitely earn money.

Earning money from NGO is not illegal. Opportunities to earn money in NGOs have increased significantly. But the main objective of your NGO should be to serve the people and not to earn profit. Apart from this, no one should do any wrong thing in NGO.

Keep all the documents related to NGO safe and follow the government guidelines.

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