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How to Earn Money From Twitter in India 2024

How to Earn Money From Twitter in India 2024

We often keep giving information about ways to earn money from social media. I am going to tell you 10 easy ways in which you can earn money from Twitter. 

Twitter is also a popular social media in today’s time, which many of you might be using, Facebook and but still there are millions of people who use it. Instagram

This social media is used by many big personalities, including our own Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Chief Minister Yogi, and PMs and CMs from all over the world. See you on Twitter.

If you try to find them on Facebook or Instagram, you will not be able to find them because these people probably do not exist here but they will be easily found on Twitter.

By following them you can get information about many activities happening in the country because these people often keep tweeting on Twitter. So, here is some information about Twitter.

But in this post we will talk about how you How to earn money from Twitter In India. What is the method? And what is necessary to earn money from Twitter, so let us first know what is Twitter?

What is Twitter?

Twitter is an online news and social networking site which we use to send messages or share small and big information with our friends and relatives. 

Twitter is also like Facebook but still its features are different from Facebook. In Facebook you make friends and can also follow anyone but in Twitter you can only follow people and read the Tweets made by them. .

You can also call Twitter a Micro Blogging site because in this you can share any message up to 140 characters by users. Your message reaches the followers and through this Microblogging many people also do the work of earning money from Twitter.

Here on Twitter, you get to see big personalities along with the general public, whether it is the PM, CM of our country or the PM, CM of another country or any star from the film world, all of them are using Twitter to convey their message to the people. Is.

Twitter was created together in 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams, which has an app on Play Store and an app on Google. Through these two websites, you can use Twitter and convey your thoughts to your followers.

Twitter is a very popular social media which is used by millions of people around the world. Like it, there is also social media Koo App but on the basis of usage But it is far behind Twitter, in this way you must have understood what Twitter is, let us now know the requirements of earning money from it.

Requirements to earn money from Twitter

Well There are many ways to earn money online which also include ways like Facebook in which you can earn money just by using Facebook. In which there is also an option to monetize Facebook.

You will get the same option in this Twitter also and along with this, you can earn money in other ways by using Twitter, but for this it is necessary that you have some followers on your Twitter account.

Friends, to earn money from Twitter, you will need not just one or two, but many followers (followers). if you have more followers , then you earn more. You will be able to earn money from this Twitter.

If you do not have Twitter or even if you have it, you do not have followers, then you can search on Google or YouTube to get information about creating Twitter and increasing followers on it.

How to earn money from Twitter

There are many ways to earn money from Twitter also which include Twitter Monetization Feature, Brand Promotion, Link Shortening, Affiliate Marketing, You can earn money from Twitter by selling Twitter account, Refer and Earn, from Blog or Youtube Channel, by selling your own products etc.

These are such methods which will never end, but day by day there will be a decrease in it, there will never be a decrease. Yes, someday it will end only if the internet gets shut down, which is impossible in today’s time, so let’s know the ways to earn money from Twitter. What are the 10 methods? Then we will learn about it in detail.

Ways To Earn Money From TwitterMonthly Earnings
Twitter Monetization Feature 20 to 40 thousand rupees
With sponsorship30 to 35 thousand rupees
By URL Shortener15 to 20 thousand rupees
By Affiliate Marketing50 to 70 thousand rupees
By selling Twitter accountLakh crores of rupees (depends on Twitter account)
Refer And Earn 15 to 20 thousand rupees
Through Blog or Youtube Channel3 to 5 lakh rupees
By blogging on Twitter40 to 60 thousand rupees
By promoting others’ Twitter10 to 15 thousand rupees
by selling a product50 thousand to 1 lakh rupees

1 – Earn money from Twitter Monetization Feature

Now Monetization Feature has come in Twitter to earn money from Twitter, through which you can earn money from Twitter. The name of this monetization feature of Twitter is Ticket Spaces Which has been launched recently through which creators can generate revenue.

If you host any content on Twitter, then you can create tickets for it, where you fix a certain amount and now whoever joins that event will have to pay that much money, only then will he be able to join that event.

In this way you can earn money from Twitter, you get 97% of the money you earn from tickets, while Twitter keeps 3% with itself. Here you can earn money by hosting events as many times as you want, which I think is money from Twitter. The best way to earn.

Here you get Like Google Adsense, all the money earned in Rs. 45 is transferred to your account but this Ticket Spaces feature Right now it is only for a few selected users, which means not all Twitter users can use this feature.

Because to use this Ticket Spaces feature, there are some terms and conditions which you have to fulfill, only then you can use this Twitter Monetization feature Ticket Spaces How can you earn money from Twitter by using.

So let us know what are the requirements to use this Twitter Monetization.

If you fulfill all these three important requirements, then you can earn money from Twitter by using this Twitter Monetization feature Ticket Spaces. Here you get the first payment in 45 days while the further payment comes to your account every 15th. She goes.

2 – Earn money by taking sponsorship

In this, you can not only promote brands, but apart from this, there are many things by promoting which you can earn money, in which you can also promote any blog, app, product or any social media, in return you get money.

When you have more followers then these companies themselves contact you for promotion, now you charge them according to the more followers you have.

People charge up to lakhs of rupees even for a promotion, but for this one has to see how the product is, how the company is and how many followers you have, through which you can earn money from Twitter.

3 – Earn money through URL Shortener

At present there are many such websites from where you can earn money by shortening a URL. URL Shortener or Link Shortening is one such method. One has to go to these websites and create an account.

From where you get a link, now you have to share this link on your Twitter. If someone clicks on that link, then you get money. Many people know this Link Shortening by the name of URL Shortener.

In which you do not have to talk to anyone or promote anything, you just have to put that link in such a place from where more and more users click on it, the more clicks you get, the more money you earn through URL shortener. There is also a better way to earn money.

4 – You Can Earn Money By Affiliate Marketing

Who does not know about this method today? There will hardly be any user of the Internet who does not know about it because Affiliate Marketing You can earn more money than you ever thought possible.

For this, all you have to do is to join the Affiliate Program of any company like Amazon, Flipkart and many more. There are many shopping companies whose Affiliate Program you can register for free.

After this you will have to extract some links of the product from there and share that link on Twitter by clicking on this link. If someone buys that product or any other product, you get commission so that you can easily earn money from Twitter.

You will get whatever commission the company has already fixed on that product. There are different commissions for each product, which you can see even while removing the link.


5 – Earn money by selling Twitter account

You can also earn good money by selling your Twitter account. There are many companies that buy Twitter accounts, but for this you should have some good followers on your Twitter account.

Although it takes more time to increase followers on a Twitter account than to create one, but you get money only for that time. If your Twitter account has more than 2 lakh followers, then you can get up to Rs 1 lakh for that account.

6 – Earn money by Refer And Earn

This method of earning money from Twitter is very effective in which it does not require much effort, you just have to share your referral link. Whoever creates his account by clicking on that referral link, you get referral commission.

For this you will have to join the referral program of some Refer And Earn Apps and Websites in which you will get maximum referral commission. In time, you will also get referrals like Upstox in which you can earn Rs 500 per referral.

There are many other such Money earning Apps whose referrals you can join for free, which include Google Pay, Phone Pe, Referrals like Paytm, Groww App are available in which you can get Rs 50 to 200 per referral.

7 – Earn money through Blog or Youtube Channel

You can also use Twitter Blog or YouTube Channel to earn money by just posting the posts you write or making videos. You will have to share on Twitter, from here the user will go to your blog or YouTube Channel where you will earn money from Google Adense.

This will increase the growth of your blog or YouTube channel and also increase your income. If you have a lot of people on Twitter, then apart from promoting your blog or YouTube channel, you can also easily earn money from Twitter by promoting other blogs or YouTube channels. Can.

8 – Earn money by blogging on Twitter

As I have told you above, Twitter Micro Blogging Site Where you can earn money by blogging, for which you will not have to create a separate blog. There is no need to create one because your Twitter account is a blog.

Just here you have to write a blog post and share it on your Twitter and earn money from it, but for this you have to do something on your Twitter. You must have good followers, only then you can earn good money from this blogging.

Here you cannot share very long posts, you can only create any post up to 140 Characters This blog post is a kind of logo. There is a message for this in which you can earn money through all the methods of blogging.

9 – Earn money by promoting others’ Twitter

When you have some good followers on your Twitter account, then you can promote the Twitter accounts of others and take money in return. Here, how much money you can earn totally depends on your followers, the more followers you have. You can earn that much more money.

When any new user creates an account on Twitter, he wants his followers to increase quickly, for which he promotes his Twitter account from those people who have a lot of followers on their Twitter account, for which he also pays a lot of money. .

This concept is totally similar to creating a backlink where a backlink is given from one Twitter account to another Twitter account due to which your followers follow that new Twitter account and you earn money from this.

10 – Earn money by selling a product

If you have some product or you make a product, then you can also sell that product through Twitter and earn money from it, which can be the best way to earn money from Twitter.

Even if you do not have any product, you can buy the product from a site like Meesho and sell it here because in Meesho you get Rs. 100 It also gives you the opportunity to earn commission of Rs 50 on products worth Rs. 50. You can add commission as per your wish.

Conclusion – How to Earn Money From Twitter in India

So in this way you must have understood what Twitter is and how many ways to earn money from Twitter, in which I told you 10 such ways which can be very beneficial for you.

So I hope that you must have liked this information How to Earn Money From Twitter in India which you can apply on your Twitter and earn good money. Can.

If you liked this information about earning money from Twitter, then share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram and other social media. If you have any problem or suggestion, please give your opinion in the comments.

Q. How many followers are needed to earn money on Twitter?

Ans – When you have minimum 1000 followers on your Twitter account, then you can start earning money from Twitter, but to earn some good money, you will have to increase followers.

Q. How much money can be earned from Twitter?

Ans – You can earn lakhs of rupees per month from Twitter or even more, it totally depends on your followers, the more followers you have, the more you can earn.

Q. Who has the most followers on Twitter?

Ans – The most followed on Twitter is Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi 
 whose Twitter account is Has 81.2 million followers. 

Q. How much money does Twitter make in a day?

Ans – Twitter’s one day earning is more than 5 million US dollars which is in Indian Rupees. It is 36,41,38,000.

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