How to increase subscribers on YouTube 2023– Top 11 ways

Friends, in today’s article we will learn how to earn money by increasing subscribers on YouTube in a short time. If you also have a YouTube channel or are thinking of creating one, then today’s article can be very useful for you.

Friends Youtube is considered as the easiest way to earn money online but in the beginning Earning money from YouTube is not that easy because to monetize the YouTube channel in the initial time 4 Hours Watch Time And One thousand subscribers are required.

In How to increase subscribers on YouTube, we will tell you some tips and methods with the help of which you will be able to increase subscribers on your YouTube channel and if your channel is facing shortage of subscribers. If you have not monetized for some reason, then through this article you will be able to complete your first four thousand watch times and subscribers.

How to get subscribers on Youtube

1) Make videos on Youtube Short

Friends, you must have seen Youtube Short Video and in today’s time we like to watch a short video more than a long video. That’s why shorts go viral most of the time on YouTube, hence Youtube Short is the best way to increase subscribers on YouTube.

In Youtube Short, you have to make a small video clip of a few minutes or seconds and upload it on your channel. If your short video is good and profitable, then most of the people will like your short video and subscribe to your channel. Will also do.

A short video goes viral sooner on YouTube than a long video, due to which your channel comes in the notice of people and if the viewers like your niche and video then they will definitely subscribe to your channel.

To increase subscriptions from a Youtube short video, you should follow some such methods so that your video goes viral and your channel can be noticed by people.

  • Make short videos related to your niche.
  • Make an attractive short video so that it can go viral soon.
  • Write SEO Friendly Short Video Title and Description.
  • To increase subscribers on Chennal, definitely ask for channel subscription in short video.

So friends, you can make your Youtube short videos very good by following some such methods and when your short videos are good and people will like your channel, then your Subscribers on Youtube will definitely increase..

You may earn less or no money from YouTube Short, but these videos definitely help you in increasing subscribers on YouTube Channel, and then with its help you can earn money from YouTube by getting views on your long videos.

2) Make high quality videos on YouTube

Friends, there are many such YouTube channels on YouTube which have less subscribers but have a lot of views.

In such a situation, if those channels are analyzed then the main fact emerges that all such Youtube Channels The video never says about subscribing to Chennal.

Most of such YouTubers focus on increasing the quality of their videos and not just on their subscriptions because if the quality of your YouTube videos is good and people like it, then the subscribers of your channel will directly start increasing and your The channel will start growing.

3) Upload video daily on YouTube

The easiest way to make a YouTube video viral is to upload regular videos on that YouTube channel.

By uploading regular videos on YouTube, the reach of your channel will increase and the subscribers of your channel will also increase.

Therefore, you must have seen most of the Successful Youtubers whose videos are uploaded at a fixed time and due to that their videos start ranking.

Regular video uploading increases subscribers on YouTube and with this the video starts ranking on YouTube.

4) Promote the video in social media

In the beginning, when we start a channel on YouTube, there are very few subscribers on it and in such a situation, our channel also grows less, hence to increase subscribers on YouTube, Social Media is also the best method.

By providing high quality videos, you can promote your YouTube channel by sharing them on social media.

According to your niche, you can share your video by joining groups or pages on social media and increase subscribers and views.

If your video will be useful for people and it will provide information to them, then people from Social Media Groups and Pages will also come to your channel, which will increase your Subscribers on YouTube.

5) Promote the video through Google Ads

In today’s time, competition has increased on YouTube, so To increase subscribers on YouTube Google Ads can be used.

Friends, to increase subscribers on YouTube, you can invest a little in Google Ads and run advertisements on YouTube of the best videos on your YouTube channel.

To promote YouTube video through this Google Ads, you will have to invest, often we see on YouTube that the video of some other YouTube channel comes in the advertisement of the video you are watching, then YouTube uses Google for that advertisement. By investing in ads, ads for your channel are run on YouTube.

6) Create Clickable Thumbnail for the video

A new channel on YouTube grows only when it improves the quality of the video under YouTube SEO Algorithm, hence Clickable Thumbnail also helps in growing the video and channel.

People keep changing videos on YouTube, so if you make the thumbnail of your video attractive and people like it, then people will visit your channel through that video, which will also increase your YouTube subscribers.

To increase Subscriber on Youtube, you have to create a fixed format of thumbnail of your Youtube video in which you have to add attractive color and style.

  • Keep a fixed format in the thumbnail of the video.
  • Keep the color combination of the thumbnail correct so that the style of the thumbnail does not have to be changed again and again.
  • You should not use too much text on the thumbnail, rather a simple heading and information should be given.

7) Do SEO well in videos

SEO is most important to rank any website or YouTube video in Google, which helps a lot in growing your channel.

In the beginning, there are not many views and subscribers on your channel due to which your videos do not appear in YouTube search, then it is very important for you to set SEO on your channel because without that you cannot increase subscribers and views on YouTube.

SEO means Search Engine Optimization which depends on Google’s algorithm, that is, Google has made such optimization for Search Engine on YouTube. An algorithm has been created in which it keeps the videos with the best SEO in the top 10.

On YouTube, you can do SEO settings in two ways, the first way is SEO setting of the channel and the second is SEO setting of the video.

To increase subscribers on YouTube, you should first do SEO setting of YouTube channel in which you can follow the following methods and improve your YouTube channel.

  • Add Meta Description related to your niche on YouTube channel.
  • Make Meta Settings on Channel like Meta title, About us, Niche, Video Category etc. Main settings help in growing your channel. Is.
  • Shorten the share link of your channel and add the name of your channel in it because it creates the URL of your channel and if the name of your channel is there in that URL then your channel also grows.

After doing SEO setting of YouTube channel, you should improve the SEO setting of the video because if a video ranks in YouTube, then both subscribers and views will increase on your channel.

  • Write SEO Friendly Title inside the video.
  • Put thumbnail on YouTube video.
  • Write a description of 300-400 words in the video, in which you should also add links to your social media.

When you initially create a channel on YouTube, people do not know you, so at that time it becomes a bit difficult to increase subscribers on YouTube channel, but there are some ways with the help of which you can make the channel grow.

When you create your channel on YouTube, you decide the category of your video like Tech Video, Vlogging Video etc. in which You should comment in the videos of other popular YouTube channels related to your channel’s category.

Below the video of a popular Youtuber, you have to give important information about your channel so that your increase subscribers on YouTube and your channel can also grow. It will take effect.

9) Write title and description of the video SEO friendly

Friends, we have got information about SEO above but this part is also going to be very important for you.

A video on YouTube becomes viral only when the title and description of the video is written very well. If the title of your YouTube video is SEO friendly then your video will be viral in the top 10 of YouTube and if people like your video then it will become viral. If you like the video then both Subscribers and Views on YouTube will increase.

For SEO Friendly Video, you should also use Tags with the help of which YouTube knows which category your video and YouTube channel belongs to.

10) Upload regular videos to YouTube

Friends, you must have seen that all the popular YouTubers upload their videos on YouTube at a fixed time, so to make your channel popular, you should upload the videos on YouTube daily or on a regular basis.

Along with uploading videos on YouTube, you should also keep some polls which will increase the interest of the audience on your YouTube channel and this will also increase your subscribers on YouTube.

Once you have uploaded the video on YouTube, then you should share the video on various social media platforms so that the audience of other social media will help in increasing the subscribers on your Youtube channel.

11) Use Tags in Videos

Tags are very important in YouTube videos. If you have put correct and good tags on the video, then Google indexes your video and due to which the chances of your video going viral also increases.

Tag of YouTube Video It should be related to the topic and title of your video so that YouTube knows to which category your YouTube Channel belongs.

More than one tag should be used in the video and the name of your channel should be included in every video tag.

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Conclusion: How to increase subscribers on YouTube

Friends, in today’s article we have got information about increasing subscribers on YouTube, in which we have given you some such Top 11 ways to increase subscribers on YouTube are told which will be very important for you.

We hope that you would have found today’s article on How to increase subscribers on YouTube very useful, which you can use on your YouTube channel. If you liked this information, then share it and if you have any problem or suggestion, you can ask in the comments.

How to complete 4000 watch time on Youtube?

To complete your first 4000 watch time on YouTube, you will have to share your video on various social media and improve the quality of the video.

How to make 1000 subscribers on Youtube?

To make 1000 Subscribers on YouTube, you will have to follow some easy methods like – Video Thumbnail, Video Quality, Seo Setting, Title, Tag etc. with the help of methods. With this you can increase subscribers on your YouTube Channel.

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