How to Make Money from URL Shortener Website 2023

Whenever there is talk of earning money online from the internet What is URL Shortener and The name definitely comes because URL Shortener is the way to earn money which you can do through Blogging. You can earn money by applying on YouTube or any social media. How to Make Money from URL Shortener Websites Se

By the way, the use of this Websites is not limited to earning money only, if you are a Blogger, Youtuber or Affiliate Marketer, E- If you own a commerce website, you must be getting some big URLs every day, shortening which is very important.

Because you can neither post such big URLs everywhere nor share them many times. What is URL Shortener and how to use it? For example, you can share any URL Shortener. is, you can shorten that URL with any URL Shortener website.

Although there are many other ways to shorten any URL like bitly but you do not get any money by shortening the URL from here, whereas if you shorten the URL with a URL Shortner like and share it somewhere then that URL But you get paid for whatever clicks you get.

Even in Url Shortner, is not the only website from which you shorten any link, there are many sites like it and the PayOut rates of those sites are also different and their rules are also different which is important for you to know. Is.

So if you want to know what is URL Shortener Website, how it works and how to earn money from it, then read this post completely.  Complete information about how to earn money from this type of website is given in detail , so let’s know.

What is URL Shortener Websites?

Before knowing about this, you should know that both URL Shortener Websites or Link Shortener Websites are the same, just the name is different.

it is a kind of website through which you can shorten any URL or Link, you must have often seen it in our blog/website Or the URLs of YouTube videos are so long that they cannot be easily used everywhere.

But if you shorten the same URL from any URL Shortener website, then you can use them wherever and however you want, here you get two types of benefits, first the URL gets shortened and second, you earn money from this URL. Also earn.

Because when someone clicks on this short link, first of all he goes to that URL Shortener website, then from there he gets redirected to your main website, here it takes a few seconds more on our main URL. In order to reach because in between, an ad runs and your income comes from this ad.

How to create an account on URL Shortener Websites?

Creating an account on it means signing up is the easiest task in which you do not need any special things, you just have to enter an Email ID is required so that you can sign up and create an account on any Shortener website.

Below I have told you about some URL Shortener websites, one of them is URL Shortener, I will tell you how to create an account on, on the basis of this you can create an account on all Shortener websites, so let’s see.

For this, first of all you have to go to’s website You can also go by searching in Google or click on this link. You can also go to this site where you will get to see this type of option.

How to Make Money from URL Shortener Website

Now here you have to click on Join where you will see this kind of interface on the next page.

How to Make Money from URL Shortener Website

Now here you can directly signup from Google also or you can also signup by giving Email Id and Password below if you want from Google. If you signup, you will be logged in to this website in just one click, it is that easy.

How does URL Shortener Websites work?

The working method of it website is also very simple, you just have to signup on the URL Shortener website.

After this, you have to shorten any URL and share it on your social media, blog/website or Youtube Channel .

Now whoever clicks on this short link, he sees an ad of 5 seconds, after which he gets redirected to that URL and goes. You get money only for watching this ad of 5 seconds, which is counted according to the click. It happens.

This money keeps getting added to the account of your Shortener website. When your minimum balance is completed, then you can transfer it to your bank with the help of the given option. The minimum balance in some URL Shortener is also $1 and in some others it is $5. It also ranges from $ to 50$.

How to earn money from URL Shortener

There are many URL Shortener Websites on the Internet including,,,, etc. from where you can shorten any URL and share it anywhere and earn money along with these URL websites. You can earn 10% referral commission for life time by referring.

The rule of using any URL Shorteners Websites and earning money is that to shorten the URL from its site, first of all you have to create an account on that URL Shortener website, then shorten any URL here and share it on social media, blog/ You can earn money by sharing website, YouTube channel etc.

Here you have to complete the formality of creating an account on the URL shortener website, only then you can shorten any link from these sites, although you can complete this formality just to shorten the link, but to earn money from it. You will have to create a proper account on it because your money also comes in this account.

Ways to earn money from URL shortener websitemonthly earnings
Shorte.st5 to 10 thousand rupees
Adf.ly6 to 8 thousand rupees
Za.gl9 to 12 thousand rupees
ShrinkMe.io3 to 6 thousand rupees
Shortzon.com4 to 9 thousand rupees
Ouo.io10 to 15 thousand rupees

1. is the best website in URL shortener which I have been using for two-three days, which is one of the reliable and good sites in which if we talk about pay rates then it is in the U.S. For Audience, it offers the highest pay rates up to $14.04.

You just have to create your account on this site and use it wherever you want by shortening any link. Now whoever clicks on this link, you get money according to the click. This is the first way to earn money from it.

Now there is another way that you get a chance to earn money by doing Refer And Earn for which you just have to do the referral of this account. Share the link with your friends.

Now whoever creates his account by clicking on this referral link and you will get some % commission on the amount of money he earns from that account. Available throughout life.


If you are looking for a reliable and experienced URL shortening service, then the option of Adf.LY can be a better option for you. It is considered to be one of the highest paying URL Shortener on the web.

If we talk about Minimum Payout in this, then when it is 5 dollars, you can transfer it to your bank account through PayPal and Payoneer. For more information you can checkout Adf.LY website.


This website is also one of the very good and popular link shortening websites in which you can easily earn money by shortening any link. This site also gives you good payout and gives it on time.

In this you get absolutely low minimum payout of $0.50 which you will not get in any URL shortener and along with it you get 50% Referral Bonus of referral and that too till life time. Do try it.

4. is also one of the sites that pays good money. In this URL shortener, you can earn up to $10,000 per 10,000 clicks, which means up to one dollar per click. For this company, it matters which country the traffic is coming from.

Like in this you get the highest earning at the CPM rate of $18 for traffic from Ireland and for US-based traffic you get the CPM rate of $14 whereas for UK and Australia the CPM rate is $12 more. Has been set at $10.


If you want to make good earning with demonetization features in URL shortener, then can be a better option for you, which is quite reliable through which you can shorten your URL.

The CPM on this site has been set at $13 for US-based traffic, but the lowest CPM is for traffic from Philippines which is $1, but for the rest of the countries around the world, it is set at $3, which also includes India. Is the best.


This site is a main site in URL shortener website from where you can earn money by shortening any URL. The special thing about this site is that you can withdraw money twice a month, confirmed on 1st and 15th of every month. Let’s go.

If we talk about the option of withdrawal of money, then you can withdraw money through PayPal or Payoneer in which minimum payout is set at 5 $ in PayPal and minimum 50 $ in Payoneer.

conclusion -How to Make Money from URL Shortener Website

In this way you must have understood well thatURL Shortener What is Websites, how does it work In which you learned how to sign up on URL Shortener Websites, what is URL Shortener, how to create its account and how to earn money from it.

I hope you liked this information URL Shortener Se Paise Kaise Kamaye You would have liked this information in which you would have got to learn a lot which you can share on your social media. You can earn money by applying on Media, Blog/Website or Youtube Channel.

If you liked this information, then share it with your friends on Facebook, Telegram, LinkedIn and other social media. If you have any problem or suggestion, please tell us in the comments, you will be given full help.

How many ways can you earn money from URL shortener?

You can earn money in two ways with URL Shortener

(1) – You can earn money by shortening a URL and sharing it. (2) – You can earn money from URL Shortener referral program.

Which platform should I use to earn money from URL Shortener?

For this you can use any social media like Blog/Website, Youtube Channel, Email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp etc. where some real followers ( User)

Can you really make money with URL shorteners?

Yes, you can really earn money, you just have to join some URL Shortener Websites, shorten some URLs and share it on any social media with this URL. But the more clicks you get, the more money you will get.

Greetings, fellow enthusiasts of entrepreneurship, technology, and the art of earning a living! I'm Rashid Naseem, a passionate blogger dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of business, sharing innovative ideas, and exploring the ever-evolving landscape of technology.

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