How To Start Plastic Recycling Business In India 2024

You must know the plastic material very well, because we have spent our entire life among these plastic materials. Wherever we look today, we will see even the smallest plastic items. Therefore, products made from plastic are in high demand. And when there is demand for products, then “Plastic Recycling Business In India ” is also searched. Meaning, people search for new ideas on Google to start plastic items business.

Therefore, we have shared complete information with you in this article about 15+ Best Plastic Recycling Business Ideas . If you want to work on Plastic Recycling Business Ideas then stay with us in this article.

In this article we will share many types of Ideas related to Plastic Recycling Business. And also tell us how you can somehow start a successful Plastic Ka Business. Apart from this, you can start your business with low investment based on our ideas.

How to start plastic business?

Today the demand for plastic products is continuously increasing, so people want to start Plastic Business, but How to start?

Because every Business needs the right plan and Market Strategies It is very important to start with. Following is its correct process, based on which you can easily start a business.

Raw material required

To start a business, raw materials are required, meaning plastic material will be required. Note that there are many types of quality plastics available today. Therefore, after selecting a business idea, choose the right plastic raw material.

Price of raw material and where to buy it

You can buy raw material from online websites (Indiamart or Alibaba), otherwise you can also make a personal deal. Where to buy from? You can find the answer yourself as per your convenience.

Necessary machinery, its price and where to buy it

The second aspect of business is the necessary machines, because today every business requires a lot of machines or tools. Choose machines according to your business. After that find out their price and also find out from where it would be appropriate to buy. 

The initial price of a machine for making plastic products Rs. 1.5 lakh to Rs. 20 lakh.

Correct process of making plastic products

After selecting the machine and raw materials, there should also be the right method to make products from them. Mostly machines are used in plastic business. And for their use it is necessary to have knowledge of the correct process.

space required for business

To start this type of business, there should be at least 2000 square feet space. In this space you can easily keep machines, raw materials and finished products. Apart from this, distribution of goods can be done easily.

Select only such a place. And people should not have problems with your machines. Apart from this, there should be necessary disposal of pollution . Pay special attention to electricity supply also.

Where to sell products and for how much

You should first decide where and to whom you will sell the product made from plastic. And definitely think about how much your product will cost. Once you’ve priced your product, make an advance in the market Make a deal.

View total investment and profit

Before starting the business, get answers to some questions, like – “How much investment will be made in the business and how will this investment be made?” And also know how much profit can your business make?

Register for business

After passing all the above steps, you have to formally register for the business. For registration, you must take advice from two to three other consultants.

Marketing Strategies

The above steps are for starting a business, which can be called a business plan. After the business plan, you will have to market your business. This means the business will have to be advertised. Some effective deals will also have to be done, and for deals, you will have to have a business mind.

Plastic Recycling Business Ideas 2024 – Plastic Recycling Business List

For the right start of business, you must have the right business idea. And these 15 Best Plastic Recycling Business Ideas are as follows. Based on the following business ideas, you can start your business with low investment.

Disposable Plastic Cups and Glasses Manufacturing Business

This is a very good Plastic Recycling Business Idea, because this business can be started with low investment. And being a manufacturing business, it is also beneficial for the environment. Raw materials for business are also available cheaply.

Apart from this, their machines are also easy to use and laborers are also required less.

Business of making disposable plastic syringes (needles)

The need for plastic syringes is very high in hospitals. You must be aware that its need had increased significantly during the time of Corona. And even today there is a lot of demand for syringes. This business is also very easy to start due to low investment. So this is also a good Plastic Business Idea.

Plastic carry bag making business

This is also an easy Plastic Ka Business business, because this business does not require much in-depth knowledge. However, note that in some places the government has banned plastic carry bags. Therefore, start this business after analyzing the market.

This business can also be started with Low Investment, and in this Laborers a items business. Plastic is also not needed much. So this is a good

Pet Bottle Making Business

This business requires some expensive machines. And laborers are also required. Although this business is quite good. Because their demand has always remained and will remain so in future too. These Pet Bottle are used for water, juice etc.

Starting this business requires necessary knowledge and Marketing Strategies. In this business, mostly machines work.

The business of making plastic jerry cans

This is also an easy way like making Pet Bottle. Meaning this business also requires machines. In which the raw material (plastic) is melted and they are made in the shape of jerry cans. This is a very easy business, but also a bit expensive.

Its machines cost more than 2 lakh rupees. Apart from this, the electricity bill is also big.

Drinking Straw Manufacturing Business

This is also a very good and low investment Plastic business. In this business you will need some machines and tools. These drinking straws are used for drinking drinks. Apart from this, they are also used in suggestions.

You can sell these drinking straws (tubes) to any drink company. And can be sold in retailer shop or at any function.

Air Bubble Packaging Wrapper Manufacturing Business

This is also a Best Plastic Business Idea (In Hindi) like the above business idea. Air Bubble Packaging Wrapper means a plastic wrapper which is filled with air. So that the delicate items kept in it do not get damaged. This business also requires some machines and tools.

A large space is not required to start a business. This business can be done quiteeasily.

HDPE bag making business

This business is also worth including in plastic business idea. Full form of HDPE is- “High Density Polyethylene”. These can also be manufactured at home. It has a lot of usefulness, like- growing plants, food items or other materials In collecting etc.

They are mainly used in growing plants. Currently, there is a lot of demand for organic agriculture and urban people want to grow plants in their homes. Therefore, the demand for these bags is also high.

Blow-Molded Plastic Products Manufacturing Business

In Blow-Molded Manufacturing Plastic Products Pet Bottle It happens just like that. Meaning the plastic is heated and melted and after melting it is made into a suitable shape. And this business also requires less investment, and that is why it is also a Best Plastic Business Idea .

Some examples of Blow-Molded Products: Jerry cans, water bottles, oil cans, cosmetic boxes etc.

PVC Pipe Making Business

You must be well aware about PVC Pipe that these pipes are used for water transfer in homes, offices, hotels, buildings etc. PVC Pipe Manufacturing requires some machines, labourers, factory, electricity connection and tools. This is a very profitable Plastic Business, which can be started easily.

To start this business, a little more investment will be required than others. However, this is a business running abroad, which means good earnings can be made by doing export-import. Therefore this is one of the Import Export Business Ideas.

Rain coat making business

You must know the meaning of rain coat, which is used to protect from rain. However, they are used for other purposes as well. To make it, some machines, tools and labor will be required. This plastic items business can be done easily. Its business is quite good, although rain coats are in demand during the rainy season.

This business does not require much Investment. It is useful for health. You can make different types of rain coats for children and adults.

Water storage tank business

You must have understood the meaning of this business by water storage tank, which means storing water through a tank. For the construction of this type of tank, 50 square feet or even less flat space is used. And the tank is made according to the depth of 11x 03 X 50 feet. The storage capacity of a tank constructed in this way ranges from 10 to 200 litres.

This is quite good plastic items business, which does not require much investment.

Business of making plastic tooth picks

This Plastic Business Idea is quite good, simple, low investment and profitable. To make plastic tooth picks, a machine is needed and some plastic raw materials are needed. We can set up this machine at home and start the business.

Though this Plastic Items Business is small, you can start from here. Today many people use tooth pick, that is, people use this tooth pick to remove the particles stuck in their teeth after eating at a wedding, party or any other food event. is used.

Business of making PVC Coated Electric Wire

As you must know that electric wire is used in every small and big house. And there is a plastic cover in the form of wire. You can start this business, and it is a very good, affordable and easy business. If we look at the benefits, there are a lot of benefits in it.

To start this business, plastic and wire for electrical current are required. And some machines and laborers are required to make it.

Business of making plastic buttons

In this business too, making products (buttons) is quite simple and straightforward. It requires some machines, laborers and raw materials. Even though this business is small, the demand for these Plastic Buttons is very high. You can sell your buttons by contacting some dealers. Keep in mind that plastic buttons also come in many types of designs.

You can use new designs. This Plastic Business Idea requires less investment.

Some Other Plastic Recycling Business Ideas

  • making eyeglass frames
  • PVC pipe manufacturing business
  • PVC insulation tape business
  • PVC battery container making business
  • Pharmaceutical Strip Manufacturing Business

conclusion: How To Start Plastic Recycling Business In India

Any of the above Plastic Recycling Business ideas can be started with low investment. In this article we have shared with you about 15+ Best Plastic Recycling Business Ideas . We will continue to write such articles in future also, and will also write detailed articles on the above mentioned plastic items business topic.

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