Samsung is a company of which country and who is the owner? 2023

Let’s talk today about Samsung, a very big and famous technology company of the world Company Who does not know Samsung company? Friends, today Samsung is considered to be the second largest technology company in the world after Apple, you too must have used Samsung company’s phone, television, laptop etc. at some point of time.

People know Samsung because of Mobile , Samsung is not only a mobile phone giant, but also Samsung is a manufacturer of mobile phones. Apart from this, it also manufactures many other products. In today’s article we will know Samsung is a company of which country and who is the owner? So let us know everything in detail.

Who is the owner of Samsung company?

owner of Samsung company

Friends, Samsung company was established by Lee Byung Chul about 83 years ago in 1938, and this company Lee Byung Chul has also been the first Chairman of Samsung, so you can say that the owner of Samsung Company is Lee Byung Chul.

Let’s know a little about him, he was born in a very rich, landowning family on 12 February 1910 in South Korea. He did his schooling from Waseda University, located in Tokyo Japan, although he completed his degree in a

Just as Dhiru Bhai Ambani, Ratan Tata are very big and successful businessmen in India, in the same way Lee Byung chul  South Korea He is considered one of the most successful businessmen.

Friends, today Samsung is a very big company in the world. Samsung Electronics does business in 74 countries of the world. In which more than 3 lakh employees work. According to the data of the year 2022, Samsung is the sixth most valuable brand in the world.  

The founder who laid the foundation of Samsung company and gave a great company to the world Lee Byung Chul Now he is no more in this world. It happened on 19 November 1987. Now Samsung company is run by his family members.

According to Samsung’s founder Lee Byung Chul Samsung means “Three Stars” Where Three means something big, numerous, and powerful and Stars means something that never ends like the stars in the sky.

Samsung Company History

Today Samsung may be a very big technology company in the world. But initially its founder Lee Byung chul started this company Was formed as a trading company. Which mainly sold fish, noodles, and many other grocery products. And at that time there were 40 employees in this company.

For nearly three decades since its founding, Samsung Group has operated in a variety of sectors, including food products, textiles, insurance, securities, and retail.

Samsung entered the electronics sector in the late 1960s, making semiconductor and telecommunication products and Samsung’s first electronics product was Black& White Television, followed by Samsung also ventured into shipbuilding in the 1970s.

After entering the electronics sector, Samsung registered good growth. In the 1980s, Samsung tried its best to become the world leader in electronics and invested a lot of money in research and development, and established its manufacturing units in different countries of the world. 

In which it was established in Portugal in the year 1982, in New York in the year 1984, in Tokyo Japan in the year 1985, and in England in the year 1987. At one time it even came to the fore that Samsung became the world’s largest foreign investing company in Texas, America.

After the year 1990, Samsung had become a global company in the field of mobile phones and semiconductors, and Samsung started earning more from these two sectors. After this, Samsung never looked back, and continued to grow.

In the 1990s, Samsung also entered the field of construction and built many world famous buildings, perhaps you might not even know that Burj Khalifa was also built by Samsung company. Apart from this, some major constructions like Petronas Tower of Malaysia and Taiwan’s Taipei 101 have also been built by Samsung.

In the year 1992, Samsung became the world’s largest memory card (chip) manufacturing company. In the year 1995, Samsung introduced LCD (liquid-crystal display).

In the field of smartphones, Samsung launched Samsung Galaxy in the year 2009, this phone created a stir all over the world, after this Samsung’s smartphones started selling in large numbers, the result of this was that since 1998, mobiles Samsung overtook Nokia in the year 2012 and became the world’s number one company in terms of mobile phone sales.

According to a data, in the year 2013, the total revenue of Samsung was equal to 17 percent of the total GDP of South Korea, so from this you can imagine how much contribution this company has in the economy of South Korea.

Samsung is a company of which country?

Founder of Samsung Company Lee Byung Chul is a resident of South Korea, and he invented this company in South Korea itself. , then you can say that it is a South Korean company, and its headquarters is located in Seoul, the capital of South Korea.

Samsung company’s presence in India

Friends, Samsung had entered India in the year 1995 itself, Samsung sells mobile phones in large quantities in India, Samsung is selling mobile phones in India since 2004, and its smart Phone Phone is very famous in India. According to the data of the year 2023, Samsung’s mobile share in India is more than 20-21 percent.

Apart from this, all the products like television, refrigerator, air conditioner, cooler, computer, memory chip, telecommunication products etc. are very famous in India, Samsung earns huge money in India from all these products.

In the year 2018, Samsung has established the world’s largest mobile manufacturing unit of 35 acres in Noida, near Delhi, India. It was inaugurated by the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi. Was done.

And recently in June 2021, Samsung shifted its display manufacturing plant from China to India and this display unit has been established in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Here Samsung Will make displays of different devices on a large scale such as display part of mobile phone, display part of television, display part of tablet etc.

Samsung Company Products (Samsung Products)

Friends, till date you must be aware that Samsung manufactures only mobiles, televisions and some electronics devices, but it is not so, apart from Samsung electronics devices, it also provides its products and services in many other areas. Which is as follows.

  •  Samsung Life Insurance is a multinational insurance company. It was established in the year 1957.
  • Samsung Engineering is a multinational construction company which was started in the year 1969 AD, under this Samsung provides services like Oil Refining, Gas Plants, Petrochemicals Plants, Steel, Power Plants, Water Treatment Facilities.
  • Samsung Group also has an IT company named Samsung SDS, which is a multinational company and was established in the year 1985.
  • Samsung Group also has a company in the pharma sector named Samsung Biologics. It was established in the year 2011.
  • Another insurance company of Samsung named Samsung Fire & Marine insurance is a general insurance company under which services like accident insurance, automobile insurance, casualty insurance, fire insurance are provided.
  • Samsung Heavy Industries is a company of Samsung Group, it was established in the year 1974, which is engaged in manufacturing of containers, bulk Manufactures products like carriers, container vessels, crude oil tankers, cruisers, passenger ferries.
  • A company named Samsung Everland provides services like environment, food culture, resort.
  • Samsung Medical Center is a very important company of Samsung Group. It was established in 1994, it mainly provides services related to the field of health, along with Samsung Medical Center Hospital, it also runs a hospital for diseases like cancer, which is the largest in Asia.

Who is the CEO of Samsung?

At present, Samsung has a total of three CEOs which are as follows.

Kim Hyun Suk, Koh Dong Ji, and Kim Ki Nam have been serving as CEO of Samsung Group since March 23, 2018.

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