What is Google Adsense, what is it used for? 2023

Do you know what is Google AdSense? Then you too can earn lakhs of rupees from it. In this online world, Google Adsense has paramount importance. By reading this article, you will know what Google Adsense is and what the current price and significance of Google Adsense are.

The original release date of Google AdSense is June 18, 2003. But I feel veritably sad that it has been 19 times since Google Adsense came into actuality, but still, more than 50 per cent of the people using Google hunt machine don’t know about Google Adsense. The main reason is that people are interested in things other than effects like online.

Just as the Internet and technology are gradually changing the lives of numerous people, Google Adsense is also changing the lives of millions of people in the same way. Among them, I’m one similar person whose life has been fully transformed by Google Adsense. What’s Google Adsense? In a moment, this is a veritably important thing to know about, which we should know by reading this composition in detail.

What is Google AdSense

Just as YouTube is a program (product) of Google, Google Adsense, released on June 18, 2003, is also a product of Google. Google Adsense is one such ad network that we can use to earn money online, and let us tell you that the people who make money online are the most. Use Google Adsense.

Google Adsense is commonly used by celebrities like YouTubers, bloggers and app creators on Play Store to earn money online. Through Google Adsense Images, Videos, and Text Youtubers, Bloggers and App makers on Play Store display their client’s advertisements on celebrities’ websites, YouTube videos and apps and when interested visitors click on these advertisements,

Google Adsense earns from this, and some percentage is also given to the owners of websites, YouTube videos and apps, due to which YouTubers, bloggers and people making apps on Play Store earn. Google Adsense sends their money to their bank account through the Google Adsense account. Google Adsense is the best and most reliable ad network today.

Earning Perhaps Google Adsense has a big role in making online earning famous, and because of Google Adsense, perhaps people all over the world are slowly starting to earn money online. But Google Adsense has made a huge contribution in making all this possible.

Types of Google Adsense Advertisements

Google Adsense shows different advertisements on its users’ websites, apps and YouTube videos. If you understand all these types of ads of Google Adsense, you will find out by looking at any advertisement that this advertisement is. Whether it is of Google Adsense or not, the following are all the advertisements of Google Adsense.

Text Ads

We see such advertisements when we search for related brands on Google, like How to Create an Online Store. When I search on Google, the top results are Ads in black letters at the beginning. These are text ads. If you see such ads, you can understand that these are Google’s ads.

Video ads

You must have seen this type of advertisement everywhere; we get advertisements (video ads) on Websites, YouTube videos, and Mobile Apps. In NY places, we see video advertisements of Google Adsense; Google has to pay more money to place such advertisements because such advertisements are very expensive.

Display ads

We see these types of advertisements on websites, in articles, and on the home page of mobile apps or in any app. Most of the earning of bloggers is done through display ads, which look very attractive. Because of this, the chances of getting clicks on these are very high.

In-article Ad

You get to see such advertisements only in the articles of websites; hence, the name of this advertisement (ad unit) is In-article Ad. (In-article Ad) . Bloggers also earn from these advertisements, which is very beneficial for them.

Multiplex advertising

We see such advertisements only on websites because this is an ad unit created especially for bloggers to increase their income. You get to see such advertisements in the footer of websites. These are different advertisements. Appears in the group of.

What do CPC, RPM, impressions, and Clicks mean in Google Adsense?

The more we learn new things about Google Adsense, the more we get information about new things in Google Adsense. CPC, If such items are seen, then they mean the following. Page viewsClicks impressionsRPM,


The full form of CPC is Cost Per Click (Cost-Per-Click), and it means how much money you are getting for one click on the advertisement; if CPC is showing – 0.10 in your Adsense account, then it means that your Earning is $0.10 per click.


Full form of RPM Page Revenue Per Thousand Impressions (Page Revenue Per Thousand Impressions): When 1000 page views are 1000, how much are your estimated earnings per 1000 page views if the ads are shown?


This means that if you have 100 page views in your Google Adsense account and 500 impressions are visible, 500 ads have been shown in 100 page views.


Clicks relate to” the number of times druggies clicked on an announcement out of the one shown.”

Page views

This means how many total page views are there in the advertisements shown.

Earn money from Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is the most reliable way to earn money online, and millions of people currently make money online sitting at home. There are many ways to earn money from Google Adsense; there are multiple ways to earn lakhs of rupees monthly. We can make money from Google Adsense in the following methods.

By monetizing YouTube channel with AdSense

Progressed YouTubers earn lakhs of rupees per month by monetizing their YouTube channel through Google Adsense, a better way to make money from YouTube channels. Tarika Google Adsense is used by every YouTuber today to earn money. To monetize the YouTube channel with Google Adsense, the YouTube channel must have 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time.

By monetizing the website with AdSense

Yes, just as we can monetize YouTube channel with Google Adsense, similarly, we can earn money by monetizing the website with Google Adsense, but to monetize the website with Google Adsense, we have to get the approval of Google Adsense, which people It seems like a very difficult task, but getting approval from Google Adsense is not that difficult.

By monetizing the app with AdSense

Making an app is a difficult task, but at present, we can create apps from mobile devices and earn money sitting at home online by monetizing them with Google Adsense. But, there are very strict rules for monetizing the app with Google Adsense. But if we follow the rules of Google Adsense properly, then we can earn a good amount of money by monetizing the app with Google Adsense.


Hopefully, through the important information in this article, you will have learned a lot and know what Google Adsense is. If you have questions about Google AdSense, the Internet, or social media, write them in the comment box below. Can ask.

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Which company’s service is AdSense?

AdSense is a service of Google (Alphabet) company which we know as Google AdSense

Google AdSense What is it in simple language?

If we understand Google AdSense in simple language, then it is an Ad network, that is, a service that provides advertisements.

What are other ad networks like Google AdSense

There is no reliable ad network like Google AdSense in today’s time but the names of Google AdSense similar add networks are as follows.

1. Media.net
2. adsterra
3. SmartAdServer etc.

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