What is Meta force? is it real or fake? 2024

Meta Force: For 5-6 months, Meta force has created an environment where you can see & Hearing about meta force.

Some are saying that this is a revolutionary system that can make you a millionaire, while many people are also claiming that they are earning 500 to 1000 dollars per day from Meta Force.

According to the data, till now more than 7 lakh people across the world have joined this scheme or system.

So let us know What is Metaforce? How does its business work and how are people earning money from it? .

And if you also want to earn money with the help of this then will it be right for you to join it or not. So let’s get started.

What is Meta Force?

Meta Force is a type of cryptocurrency based pyramid scheme. In which people’s invested money keeps circulating throughout the network and is distributed among everyone in the form of commission.

Meta Force

it describes itself as a platform based on blockchain technology and smart contract based business and promises to give people the opportunity to earn money through active and in-active methods.

In Meta Force you have to buy some slots and add people under you. The new people you add will also buy slots for which you will get commission.

People who join below you will also do the same thing, they will buy slots. After this, more people will be added to the system and they will also be made to buy slots. All the people who join the this system will buy slots and add people under them, in this way a chain of people will be formed.

After reading this you might be feeling that this is an MLM (Multi Level Marketing) plan.

Actually, MetaForce is a crypto currency based MLM or pyramid scheme in which only people get their money and the money keeps circulating in the entire network.

But the biggest difference between MetaForce and MLM is that is based on a de-centralized system. That means no one controls it. It is controlled by the market.

What happens in an MLM is that it has only one owner. That is why it is possible that he may run away with the money later but this is not the case in MetaForce.

It is based on blockchain so no person can easily usurp it. The chances of this type of action happening are less here.

In MLM, you have to add people under you and sell the product, then you get money, whereas in metaforce, you get income in two ways, one active and the other in-active.

In MetaForce, you will get money even when the person above you works and you will get money even when the person below you works.

How does Meta Force work?

Investments in MetaForce are taken in the form of crypto currency. First of all you have to buy two crypto currencies named polygon (matic) and (pos) dai from the crypto currency exchange then using these crypto currencies you have to activate the plan in MetaForce app and buy slots.

In this, the first slot is for $6 and in every slot the new member has to invest for commission.

Meta force plan

Metaforce plans have a total of 12 joining slots also known as investment slots. Which are like this,

Metaforcehas 12 investment slots, divided into 2 parts, S6 and S3. It has a total of 8 slots of S6 and a total of 4 slots of S3..

In MetaForce you have to invest money in these investment slots. You can buy more than one slot in Metaphors.

S6 Slot 

In S6 you have to add 6 members in your downline. Out of which the investment fee of the first 2 members goes to your upline (above you) as commission, after that, out of the 4 members left below you, you get the investment fee of 3 members as commission and the last member The investment fee goes to the company for reactivation.

 S3 Slot

In S3 you have to add 3 members in your downline. Out of which you get the investment fee of the first 2 members as commission and the investment fee of the last member goes to the company for reactivation.

Meta Force plan pdf

Click on the link given here to download MetaForce Plan PDF 👇

• Metaforce plan pdf

How to invest in Meta Force

  • To join MetaForce and invest, you will need a referral code for which you will have to come in contact with an already connected MetaForce member.
  • By registering with the help of the referral code you will receive, you can activate any plan offered by Metaforce.

How to join Meta Force

To join MetaForce, you will have to contact an already connected member. They will give you a referral code through which you will be able to join the system of MetaForce.

Essentials for Meta Force

To invest in Metaforce, you must have an Android phone and Trust Wallet or Meta Mass Wallet app should be installed in your phone. You will be able to invest only with the help of these two apps.

what is meta force space

The Metaforce platform is officially called Metaforce Space. It can be accessed from the URL https://meta-force.space/.

How To Register In META FORCE

To register in MetaForce, follow the steps given below.

step 1

Install a wallet app that supports Polygon cryptocurrency on your smartphone or computer. Such as – MetaMask or Trust Wallet.

Step 2

Load at least 10 DAI and 1 MATIC cryptocurrency into your MetaMask or Trust wallet. To load, you will first have to purchase DAI and MATIC from a cryptocurrency exchange and then load it into the wallet.

Step 3

If you are using computer – Continue registration by clicking on Register button.

And if using a smartphone – open a browser tab to your crypto wallet.

Step 4

Copy paste your upline referral link into the Cryptocurrency Wallet app browser

(To join Metaforce, you will need a referral code which you will get from an already joined Metaforce member. Take the referral link from them)

Step 5

Click on Sign Up button to go to the registration page

After this you have to do some more easy steps and after that you will join the Metaforce community.

Earning from Meta Force

How much you will earn from MetaForce depends mostly on under whom you are creating your account or investing because there are two ways of earning income in MetaForce –

Firstly, the work you do will bring you money, apart from that, if the person you have joined and invested in works, then you will also get income from it.

If your upline is working then you will get money and if your downline is working then you will also get money.

Therefore, you should always keep in mind that the person under whom you are joining should be an active person.

how to earn money from meta force

As I have told, you can earn money in Metaforce in two ways – First 1. Active method and another 2. In-active method 

Let us know one by one about these two ways of earning money from MetaForce-

1. Active

In the active method, you will be able to earn money by purchasing slots yourself and adding more new people to your down line.

The people whom you have added below will also buy slots and will also add new people from which you will earn money.

2. Inactive

In this method you have to connect with a person who is very active. Which does a lot of work. You will get money from that person also.

Because even when your upline works in MetaForce, you get money.

Who makes the most money in Meta Force

In MetaForce or all such schemes, only those who are at the beginning (top 10%) earn lakhs and crores of rupees from such schemes while those at the bottom earn the least money.

The beginners buy the maximum number of slots and start adding new people below them.

This earns them a lot of money and when they make a lot of money, they are the first ones to come out of this scheme.

When people join such a scheme, some money is also taken for joining them. This money keeps circulating in the entire network in the form of investment and keeps getting paid to each other in the form of commission.

As long as people are joining this system and investing, everyone gets money, but when new people stop coming, money also stops coming.

If you want to earn money from such a scheme, then try to join the scheme in the beginning itself, only then you will be able to earn money.

When already lakhs of people have joined it, then in such a situation, people are saved from joining this kind of scheme.

You will get less money only if you are in top position. The easiest way to come to the top is to join such a scheme in the beginning itself.

Only the beginners make real money, the people who join later just keep playing with chillers.

Benefits of joining Meta Force

If you join this and work hard and add many people under you, then in a short time you can earn a lot of money. You can increase your income by investing your hard work and time.

Disadvantages of meta force

MetaForce is not registered in India, so there is no idea when it will be closed, in such a situation all your invested money can be wasted. Therefore, join or invest in it only after doing proper research.

Meta force Real or Fake

As we have told you, if you look closely at its function, basically it is an MLM scheme and you already know about MLM schemes in India.

If you join Metaphors in the beginning, you will definitely earn money because many people will join after you. But if you join last, you will not be able to earn a single penny. Therefore we can say that,

If you join MetaForce in the beginning then MetaForce is real for you and if you join at the end then MetaForce will be fake for you. Everything will depend on timing.

Final Words: What is Meta Force?

So friends, this was the answer to your questions related to What is Meta Force?

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What exactly is meta force?

Actually MetaForce is a cryptocurrency based pyramid scheme. In which people only get the money, the money keeps circulating in the network and is distributed among everyone in the form of commission.

Is Meta Force legal in India?

No, Meta Force is not legal in India. It is not registered under MCA (Ministry of Company Affairs).

Who is the founder of Meta force?

Meta force founder Mr. Lado Okhotnikov is from Russia. But now he has left his country and is in Georgia.

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