What is Noise Cancellation? Full Guide 2023

Nowadays, when we all use headphones and earphones, the feature of Noise Cancellation is provided by the companies in them. Its special thing is that through this headphone, whatever you want to listen through the mobile will be heard clearly and no outside sound will be heard by your ears.

That is why these features are quite amazing, in such a situation, the question that comes in the mind of many people is, what is Noise Cancellation If you do not know anything about it, then read this article till the end, then let us know. 

What is Noise Cancellation?

now day’s this technology is used in some headphones and earphones. Through this, whatever you want to listen to in your mobile, its sound will reach your ears clearly. Because its specialty is that it prevents external noise from coming into your mobile. Active Noise Control is another name of Noise Cancellation technology .

Whenever we are listening to something in our headphones, you also hear some amount of noise from things around you. Apart from this, when you talk anywhere on a mobile phone, outside noise is also heard during the conversation.

Similarly, when you are talking on a call through your mobile phone, the person on the call hears the noise around you along with your voice. In such a situation, this technology is used to reduce that sound. Due to this technology in mobile phones or smartphones, the person on the call hears less noise.

What is the benefit of This technology?

By using this technology inside headphones and earphones, when you are talking to someone on a call, the outside sound is not able to enter the call and you can easily talk to the other person on the mobile like earlier. this technology was not used in mobile phones.

Due to which it was very difficult to talk in crowded areas. But in today’s headphones, this technology is used by the headphone manufacturer so that outside noise does not come in while making a call in the mobile phone.

How many types of Noise Cancellation are there?

There are two types of this technology, detailed information about which is given below. 

What is Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)?

In Active Noise Cancellation, some physical components are used to remove outside noise. In ANC, a separate mic is provided in your mobile or headphones, earphones which is called noise cancellation mic.

Which first of all records the outside noise and sound and then removes it with the help of Artificial Intelligence  As a result, you get to experience good quality sound as output. 

What is Passive Noise Cancellation (PNC)?

Whenever you buy any good quality headphones or earphones from the market, you must have noticed that when you wear those headphones in your ears, the rubber fitted in these headphones fits in your ears in such a way that they Rubber does not allow external noise to reach your eardrums, due to which external noise is not heard in your ears. 

And in the same way, whenever you use On ear Headphones, whenever you wear the headphones over your ears, they completely cover your ears due to which you cannot hear the outside sound.

For more information, let me tell you that there is no noise cancellation mic of any kind in such headphones, nor is artificial intelligence used here to remove sound electronically, this is called Passive Noise Cancellation. . 

How does noise cancellation work?

This feature is available in expensive mobile phones or good quality headphones and earphones. In all of our smartphones, the mic is given below your mouth i.e. below your smartphone and the other mic is given in the upper part of the mobile which records external sounds. 

Later, with the help of Artificial Intelligence, external noise is removed from your recorded voice and all this work is done very fast through your mobile. Due to which the voice of the other person on the call with you is heard correctly.

And also its advantage is that if you are doing any important work with the help of your headphones or earphones or are in any kind of meeting or public gathering, then with the help of earphones and headphones with This technology, external noise will remain in your ears. You cannot hear it and you are able to do your work well. 

conclusion –

In today’s article, we learned what noise cancellation is and also we learned about its types. Friends, now whenever you buy any headphones, buy them only with Noise Cancellation, this will help you a lot during phone calls or any meeting etc. 

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